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"Sound will be the medicine
of the future." -
Edgar Cayce 


Sound Healing Therapy

Voice Analysis Asessment



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Emotional Blockages   /   Grounding /   Frequency Tuning  / Life Path   

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About - Sound

Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Sound using Numerology

Pythagoras once said "There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres".

Everything on this planet, including your soul has its own resonant frequency. All things, whether it be plants, animals, the unseen - carry a vibration that can be translated into sound/numbers. Through Numerology I use a combination of your personal numbers (the ones in your name) and the month were currently in to help find sounds that would essentially help ease you into alignment - Through frequency.

***Using various sounds and instruments***

We can also look further into detail at these vibrations in your body through your voice;

the first instrument we learn to use in this lifetime.                                                                   


We can look further into these frequencies -

Through a (VAH) Software, I help you find any missing notes, or out of balance vibrations. We can look at what musical note you resonate to most, and which ones need balance. Through voice.

(VAH) Software.

Based on the research of Alfred Tomatis. 
frequency is a nutrient" 
Your whole body, down to the cellular level, functions at different frequencies.
When an imbalance arises, it can cause a wide range of issues.

There are many ways one can experience an imbalance.
-Physical Issues or Trauma
-Emotional Issues or Trauma
-Irritating frequencies growing up

How can I help?

- By playing back the missing frequencies into the body to balance it out.
Similar to Vitamin therapy, taking doses of the deficient vitamin to balance out all frequencies in body so energy can flow through your whole system.

Price $80

(VAH) Software
What is it?

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