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Full - Monthly - 3 Month Cycle

Birth chart Reading

Divine Triangle Blue print
Yearly - Monthly - 4 Month

1 hour  /   $88

In this method we take a deep look into your chart to find your current vibration/cycle. Pythagoras believed that the numbers 1-9 carried a specific vibration that each individual in this lifetime carries. We experience these various number vibrations through our lives. Each vibration guiding us towards our purpose, lessons, and connections.

Here I take a deep look into your chart to find your vibration for the year. We can zoom in and divide the year into 3 four month blocks, and even narrow it down to the specific month and day (providing in depth guidance). Most importantly we find your Personal Vibrations, the ones we incarnated into at birth, for this method we use your Full Name and Birthdate


There are 4 personal vibrations - Numbers 1-9

Soul - Path of Destiny - Life Lesson - Outer Personality.

Relationship Reading

3 Month Cycle Reading

30 Min  /   $44

Your chart can be divided into three, four month blocks. In this method, we focus merely on the details of the year, rather than the year as a whole. This helps your better prepare for any opportunities, or shifts you may encounter. Within the year we go through 3 cycles that last about 4 months each. All connected, with a beautiful story to unravel. Wether were ready or not we're pushed through these cycles with either ease and inspiration or sometimes through resistance. By using your birthdate, I'm able to zoom in and help guide you through the up coming months.

 Of course the choice is yours to make that change, I'm just here to point in which direction.

yearly Transit Reading
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Yearly Numerology Reading

15 min  /   $22

In this reading w'ell being going over your yearly cycle.

By the use of your birthdate I can help determine what your current vibration is. Your yearly vibration can range anywhere between numbers 1-9.

#1 being the beginning, #5 the mid point and #9 the close-out year. Understanding what cycle you are in provides guidance to any questions or feelings you may have, wether it be a current struggle, an opportunity thats been presented, or big change you've just experienced etc.You'll gain a deeper understanding of your current relationships, life path, things holding you back, or any doubt about self that can be quickly be understood. Bring you closer to you.



This is a brief yearly reading where I will be going over the yearly vibration only.

For further details within the year please refer to my 3 month reading or Yearly.

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