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6 Year | Numerology

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

What a year it's been. With only four months left, the amount of change that can still be made is grand! It's never to late, it's only when you've given up and the illusion of "failure" arises that makes us think otherwise.

As we take a moment to reflect this month, reflecting on the choices we've made, seeds that blossomed, and lessons that we faced head on - It all starts to make sense.

It all comes around full circle.

This is what the month of August brings us - Vision, Trust, and Strength - To tackle the next four months.

For more info on the Numerology of August, check out my previous post!

Number 6

When I think of Number 6, I think of Communion, Love and Creation. As we take a moment to reflect on the past 7 Months, we may realize how much we've actually opened our hearts this year. How much we've grown when it comes to forgiveness, family, self-love, and creativity. Relationships may have been tested and may have required you to let go, causing you to become closer to those in your personal circle, working together towards a common goal - Oneness, stepping into true self.

Gratitude is a blessing in disguise this year as well. The more we learn to open our hearts, the more appreciative we become with what we have. Grateful for the little things in life, grateful for who we are, grateful for those who support and love you, and grateful for Life.

This energy allows us to fully express ourselves with love, enhancing our creativity - Encouraging us to embrace our gifts. Freeing ourselves from judgment, insecurities or fear. Coming into realization that it was never about you to begin with - Its about the planet as a whole. Community. Oneness. God.

Through self embodiment we are able to tap into our highest selves and lead by example. You are the gift. It's the Illusions of the world that make us believe otherwise - like how many degrees you have, how rich you are, how fit you look. Allowing these "standards" to control our lives. Then this question arises - where does our natural beauty lie when we comply? - probably hidden beneath the rubble, waiting to shine through the cracks, the cracks we try so desperately to cover.

We all have cracks, and if we work together and let our lights shine through them, we'll brighten the darkest days together, enhancing love and harmony on this planetary grid.

What major changes have you made in your life this year when it comes to love, community or self?

Major doesn't have to be something drastic, it can be something as simple as a new perspective. Have a sit and give it a think, because starting September well be shot into this

"New" energy.

When I think of Number 6 I think of Communion, Love and Creation..”

You'll be another step closer to the real you. Communion with higher self.

Six also shines a light on family and children. Maybe you've just had a baby, or maybe you're currently trying to conceive.

It also could be that certain events in life bring family closer, causing union.

6 corresponds to the planet Venus, if relationships have been on your mind this year, expect a couple of last minuet revelations as we come closer towards the end of the year. You could have a stronger sense of what you want from a partner, or if in a current relationship - a new perspective emerges bringing balance and compassion.

There is also a focus on self love - placing bounderies that could potentially help with people pleasing tendencies making sure your energy is not being depleted , bringing a greater understanding to giving and receiving - The Eb and Flow of life. Self love can also be expressed in many forms. Learn to treat yourself, enjoy the stillness more, focus on your health. Life isn't always about go go go, mental stillness is also a way to replenish your soul - through nature, meditation, or a nice jog - these activities can bring insights, joy and peace. Grounding you, allowing for energy to run through you with ease and flow.

Make the time and enjoy yourself. Allow love to flow through you.

Numerology plays an interesting song, and if you listen closely we're the musical notes apart of this mystery of an Orchestra - Sacred Numerologia

Tips : Try listening to 396hz, 639hz, or 963hz

All great for liberation of fear, oneness, unity, and love

Key Words : Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Family, Union, community, creativity.

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